Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another Birth Series Painting

So it's a good thing I have been taking photos at different stages of a painting, because the little blue painting background I had started (shown in the last post) I loved and then I totally messed it up trying something else.  maybe I can get it back.  

This is the last painting I think I have yet to share in the series of artwork dealing with the pregnancy and the birth process.  An obvious total departure from my normal style and subject, this one was also inspired from an exercise in the book Birthing from Within - which I highly recommend to all the pregnant mamas.  I used a variety of materials and spent quite a lot of time on it.  I really don't know why I chose to do it so large - it's 36" wide x 48" high!

The title of the piece is the Journey to the Door - but I will leave the interpretation up to you!
I carefully selected and tore tiny paper with chosen words from a text book and placed on many of the stair risers.  I used fabric, an actual mirror, acrylic paint and pencil so it's probably the most materials I've used in a piece.  Definitely got me out of my comfort zone! 

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