Friday, March 14, 2014

Another piece in the Birth Art Series


Here is another piece I did for my Birth Art series.  This is the 2nd interpretation of this idea. The first one, click here, was the watercolor on yupo paper that had the large blooming flower. 
    This one is a mixed media artwork on canvas where I combined acrylic paint, pastel, fabric, and a twine/yarn material.  I used a photo taken while I was in labor for this piece.  Titles are always difficult for me but I decided to call this one Bringing a Blessing.  I played around with swirling the white paint in the figure area mixing it with heavy body gel medium to retain the brushstrokes a bit.  I really only have a couple of more pieces done to show.   One was very large and way out of my comfort zone..  not really sure why I chose such a large canvas for it!  I'll share that one at a later date.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthing Art - Post 1!

Well it has certainly taken me awhile to get around to posting some of these.  While I was pregnant, I created some sketches as I went through some birthing preparation.  Sketches about different ideas of birth, translating feelings, perceptions and such.  This is a painting I actually did before I gave birth to my baby although I did go back in to work on it last year also.  The few other paintings I did were done over the past year. This one is an acrylic on canvas and is definitely one of my favorites!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Painting in December

Although December seemed like a month set out to crush me, I did have the opportunity (and found the time amazingly) to work on a commissioned piece that someone wanted to give as a Christmas gift.  So working from a photo, I painted this 9"x12" portrait of their family dog in acrylic on one of those 3" thick canvases.  I like those thick canvases because you can display them easily on a shelf or on a wall.  After not doing much painting over the last year I was nervous as I begin, but was really happy with how it turned out.