Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Mustang :)

This was a commission I just finished for Christmas for someone I love painting cars! Especially the Mustang Fastbacks. Although this was probably the smallest complete car I've painted - on a 9x12 canvas! But I did it! I found the need to NOT abuse my brushes even greater here as I am notoriously bad at neglecting to properly care for my brushes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The last week in pics

So it's been a VERY busy week... so this post is a "week" in pics.

1) Photographed a wedding

2) Set up a cool secret tent/fort with my niece and played with all the rudolph toys

3) Crocheted more earrings

4) Decorated my first gingerbread house at my Church Small Group Party

5) Made another beard had - this one with a little bill on the front

6) Finished up a commissioned portrait (no peeking on that)

7) Got in an order of fresh blank canvases :)

8) and painted more furniture

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 2nd

1) Worked on a portrait commission - no sneak peaks there though :)

2) Had mini turkey sandwiches for breakfast on the Paleo gluten free bread I made
3) Checked on our sick chick
4) Sported my new crochet earrings I made the night before
5) Crocheted one long, fingerless glove/arm-warmer while we watched a movie

Friday, December 2, 2011

December 1st

How can it be December 1st already?
Today was somehow a lot less productive - didn't get much of anything checked off my to do list.
1) chatted in forums about our sick chickens.. hoping to find an answer before we lose our sick Bantam
2) matted this little chicken painting I did which my hubby loved and wanted me to frame for him... it was destined for the trash in my opinion but I must say it looks a lot better after framing - he saw the potential :) I do not like to mat things though.. because a) it involves math. b) I have to crawl around on the floor. c) I make a mess. d) my mat cutter is so frustrating - can't get the guide to adjust or go back in the slot once it comes out so I did this one free hand. (cut away to me dreaming of a large studio with a standing height giant work table to stretch canvases, mat, measure and such.....someday)