Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Making Something!

Being a new mom, crafting, making art and things like that just aren't on the list of things that can be done... however - I did make the time to make something for my babe the other day.  Of course being as conscious and aware as I am of what is really in the food and products we consume/use/eat... i cringe at the idea of what is probably lurking in baby toys... and I just wanted to make something for the babe I love so dearly!  So I made this little shape book/teether toy.  I sewed 4 'pages' with organic fabric and organic ribbon and attached them to a natural, untreated teething ring I finished with coconut oil. I designed it so they can all be grouped together or taken apart.  So far apart works good so I can keep them all throughout the house.. and it's not so big! 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Obviously I haven't been in my studio much the past year as I've been otherwise occupied.  But wanted to share something I have done recently.   Totally not my usual style, this is a watercolor/pastel, on yupo paper... and inspired of course, by recent life events :)  

I've done a couple of other birth art pieces and I will share those soon... and have more stored away in my mind and my pregnancy/birth sketch book (inspired from the journey and preparation I did for birth -  through the book Birthing from Within... that will hopefully make their way to a canvas sometime in the next year albeit transformed and evolved as the distance from the delivery grows.)

This particular piece took me months to complete - not only for the obvious lack of time to devote to it, but just trying to get it right.  I don't work in watercolor very often and struggle getting the results I want.  Finally I got something I was happy with.  Inspired by the last days of pregnancy (and modeled from a photo taken in the nursery the day I was in labor - --- - right before things got "real" ) and the flower represents allowing the body to bloom and open to birth the baby within.  I framed this one up and gave it as a gift to my wonderful midwife whose coaching, encouragement and wisdom helped me find the strength within to make it through the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.