Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Day in Photos #2

Thought I would do the photo thing again today.

1) leftover turkey for lunch.. keeping it simple

2) my finished tree

3) made some gluten free Paleo Bread - will use this for some turkey sliders tomorrow :)

4) painted some furniture for someone - hope to do a few more later this week

5) found this bead weaving from collage which brought back the memory that I remember doing that at home.. very sick in bed one day..... and my old weaving bobbins and reed hook - maybe one day I'll have the space and time for a loom.. weaving is one of those things that is so incredibly time consuming for such a small result but I love knowing I created a piece of woven fabric - I still have all my weaving projects.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Day In Photos

So I've obviously been absent from any type of blogging for awhile, Therefore I'm attempting to start back and just keeping it simple and doing a photo collage of my day.

1) tried to enlist my niece as a hat model for my crocheting projects... she was NOT having any part of it - I cropped out her cute little scowl.

2) busted out the Rudolph toys

3) do you know how long I've been looking for this hammer??? don't recall how this happened... or how this portion of it made it to the back of one of my drawers? (I was cleaning out drawers - should do that more often)

4) cooked a turkey

5) finished up this baby hat for a sweet little girl that will be arriving soon and took it to a baby shower :)

6) made a tree skirt out of this pretty fabric I got today - it's an odd shape but works for our tree, my sewing machine- which I just got back from repair- managed to break again so it is only "almost" hemmed and I was reminded very quickly during the process how sewing is just not my thing no matter how much I may want it to be. I didn't get my grandmothers green thumb or mad sewing skills... and I guess that fabric for the shower curtain project that's been waiting since March will wait longer.
) worked on perfecting the sock bun - tried a wide cloth headband instead of a hair elastic so hopefully it won't leave the hump (and since I'm finishing this up the next morning I'll go ahead and say the bun still looks great after sleeping on it - curious to see how curls work this time)