Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another Birth Series Painting

So it's a good thing I have been taking photos at different stages of a painting, because the little blue painting background I had started (shown in the last post) I loved and then I totally messed it up trying something else.  maybe I can get it back.  

This is the last painting I think I have yet to share in the series of artwork dealing with the pregnancy and the birth process.  An obvious total departure from my normal style and subject, this one was also inspired from an exercise in the book Birthing from Within - which I highly recommend to all the pregnant mamas.  I used a variety of materials and spent quite a lot of time on it.  I really don't know why I chose to do it so large - it's 36" wide x 48" high!

The title of the piece is the Journey to the Door - but I will leave the interpretation up to you!
I carefully selected and tore tiny paper with chosen words from a text book and placed on many of the stair risers.  I used fabric, an actual mirror, acrylic paint and pencil so it's probably the most materials I've used in a piece.  Definitely got me out of my comfort zone! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Days 3 & 4 - more sketching and some paint

So for the last couple of days, I worked on the drawing of my little musician some more - basically done for now on that I think, and I was able to get a background down for a painting. It's been a few months since I've painted so getting back into that was good.  

This afternoon as I was painting I even got my little one to paint - for like ... 5 minutes.  He has zero interest in coloring or painting so far.  He did do a couple of paintings before - quite awhile ago, but that was before he discovered the world of musical instruments.  Buy hey, at least he is doing something creative!  I also was putting up some blueberries and when I opened the freezer door I thought it was a neat look all lined up on the pan, so I grabbed the camera and took a super quick photo.. didn't capture the effect I was after but I really like the interesting textures like that!

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Creative Challenge to Myself

So it is time to choose... time to get creative again or not.  I am going to try to commit, and share with everyone, a creative endeavor or doodle... even if it's only 5 minutes... every single day for the next 30 days.  I need to ease back into art making... and making time for art!

I have redesigned my blog a little bit so let me know what you think and I hope to get a new website up and running in a few months.

My first project I kicked this challenge off with is a pencil study - of my little musician of course, I needed something near and dear to keep me engaged.  So far I have worked two days on this and am sharing both of those photos here.  This was after day one.

I want to begin testing out some ideas for some style change ups, but it isn't quite translating in pencil.  I think I will need a painting for that.  So stay tuned.  Here is what I have done after day two.

So today - as typical Monday's go - we will see what I can do, it isn't looking promising for much creative work to get done.  But... I must complete this 30 day creative challenge!  
I feel it's what I need to get back on track.