Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Am I

This is the first self portrait I have done in 10 years... let me rephrase.. it is the 3rd attempt at the first self portrait I've done in 10 years. This is the expression of a feeling I've had lately and an expanded sketch I did for a project in my Art Theory class in college several years ago.

When we are doing so many things, trying to BE so many different things, it is easy to get lost in the busyness that we forgot who we are. I know we are not supposed to find our identity in what we do, but today's culture is so fast paced it is hard to not get caught up in it. I interpreted this through the wearing of several hats, because that is in essence how I feel... I'm wearing so many hats - is the real me under there somewhere??? Who is that anyway??? But such is life I suppose.

Normally I work in acrylic paint but have really wanted to get back to some drawing basics lately so that is how I started this one. It is graphite with a few touches of charcoal and an acrylic wash in some areas. I really enjoy doing portraits but I must say at this point, Self Portraits require more self examination than I am up for... so I probably won't be doing any more portraits of me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wall Design

This is a wall design I just finished. It was pretty tedious but I really am very happy with the way it turned out.

I used a paint made from the collagen of egg shells! It's called Ecotrend Collagen www.naturalinteriorpaint.com... It is a healthy alternative to regular latex paint and it will not grown mold! So it would be perfect for bathrooms. It is made from used egg shells from food processing plants. The shells are cleaned, dried and ground into powder that then has the collagen separated from it and is used to make the paint. It does not have any Benzene, Toulene, Xylene or Formaldehyde. It worked really well and if you are looking for a paint that will not off gas I would recommend this brand or AFM Safecoat (www.afmsafecoat.com) which is another excellent brand that has a very large product line including Stains, Exterior paints, metal paints and more. AFM Safecoat produces healthy paint products that do not contain any of the carcinogenic chemicals found in regular paints that although are not labeled "VOC's", they aren't the best for your health. So AFM is great for chemically sensative people and those trying to create a healthy home environment. In Georgia, you can get these products from Pure Life Healthy Homes in Atlanta and they will ship the paint to you also! They carry a variety of healthy and environmentally friendly products. They are extremely knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have and always make sure you are getting the product you need. www.purelifehealthyhomes.com

I really like
the wall and can't wait to do more projects like this. I think this simple, understated look will complement many rooms and can be varied to be even more subtle that this.