Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So I've lost direction...

I am admitting it.  I've lost direction, focus and to an extent desire when it comes to my artwork.  I have desire but just don't know WHAT I want to do anymore.  I have lots of ideas floating around but they seem a bit incomplete.  my previous work I feel has been stuck in between two places and not quite where I want to be...

That being said I do want to try two specific ideas I have floating around - both drastically different from things I've done in the past -  but just need to get that inspiration going.  A few weeks ago I did get in the studio and just moved some paint around.  Trying to enjoy the process and not get caught up in trying to create anything specific.  I love working with thick paint as shown here, but it just costs a fortune so these small canvases were the perfect time to do that.  I actually had about 5 little things going at the same time which was nice to move from one thing to another when I got stuck with one.

I guess a lot of it is about priority and I have to decide is making large art pieces a priority right now?  I have so many projects I need to tackle and so many life moments I need to start experiencing and living.  SIMPLIFYING has been the word of the household and a moving toward a new way of life for our family.  Evaluating all the "stuff" and deciding what we really need and what we don't.  It's been hard to get rid of things because as an artist I will save every scrap of paper, fabric, ribbon, wood, (insert random object) because I just MIGHT need it someday for a project.  And believe or not they do come in useful sometimes!

 I suppose the conclusion of this rambling of words is sometimes we need a break from the pressure of the need to create a "masterpiece" that has this deep "message." something I've been caught up on too much I think.  Getting back to just enjoying the process of creating is something I need to do.

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