Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 2nd

1) Worked on a portrait commission - no sneak peaks there though :)

2) Had mini turkey sandwiches for breakfast on the Paleo gluten free bread I made
3) Checked on our sick chick
4) Sported my new crochet earrings I made the night before
5) Crocheted one long, fingerless glove/arm-warmer while we watched a movie


  1. Love the earrings, very festive. Turkey sandwiches sound delicious. Poor little chick.

  2. Thanks Tisha! the earrings were fun to do and our little chick is still hanging in there... for now..

  3. Poor Chicky!! I love turkey sandwiches. I agree with Sue...I like this format for a blog post!

  4. Love the gloves!
    I hope your poor little chickens get better soon.