Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jewelry Organization

Today I dove into organizing my jewelry.. Now let me just say I am NOT a jewelery girl and the stuff I have is not anything "real"... the only thing I ever remember to wear is earrings. For the past several years my jewelery has sat in an odd 6.5" tall opening cubby on the top of our tall chest of drawers. We designed this opening to hold a reciever and VCR years ago, but once we ditched the TV and service subscription it has become a holder of all my randomly scattered jewelry, pony tail holders, evidently safety pins? and all those dust bunnies. All I had to do was clean this out and I would see I have more than enough.. and now that I am self employed I really will have hardly the occasion to wear it all. Like I said I'm not big into jewelery, diamonds are NOT my best friend, etc, etc...... so all I have is the inexpensive stuff and after a thorough cleaning of some of it I discovered I have too much and have some to give away. I had to figure out what on earth I was going to do with it to keep it organized and within view so I actually knew what I had. My bedroom is small so there is no room for dresser or surface space or even a spare drawer so I went to the wall.
I found a frame I've loved that my hubby made for me several years ago and went digging through nice handmade doilies I've been given over the years that have remained untouched in the drawer. I attached the lace to the back of the frame and hung it on the wall. All of my dangly earrings fit on this! I hope it works out ok. I had a small tin for post style earrings and then I unboxed some unused crystal candle holders (wedding gifts from 10 years ago!) that I put my 2 favorite pair of small post style earrings in. Those are really just for effect.. not super functional but I had a long space to fill - and at least those candle holders are getting used for once.
The next thing I did was went back to the stored away stuff in the kitchen cupboards and got some small cheap vases out, then went looking for some branches which I painted white. This was a challenge since I only had 6.5" vertical inches to make this fit in. On these I hung my bracelets and necklaces. Maybe now that all of this is within sight I will wear it more! and maybe... just maybe.... I can keep this neat.... and the best part is I didn't have to buy anything to make this stuff - I just went "shopping" around the house!

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