Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miniature Art Fundraiser for Arts Guild

Well yesterday I taught my 2nd art lesson after taking a break for several years. I've enjoyed getting back into that and trying some new lesson plan ideas. And this morning I finally hauled our Christmas tree off the back deck where it stayed all Christmas untouched so now I have a clear deck again, well after I brush the tree needles away and scrape up some "deposits" left by Mable and Gladys, our beloved chickens.

Our local art guild is having a miniature art fundraiser this year again in conjunction with our annual Meet the Artist show at the end of February. Artists have donated small pieces of artwork to help raise money for our guild to continue to provide activities for the community. I haven't done this before because of course, small is not my thing but I did finally manage to get a small drawing of an old, restored car done. It will be in a mat and frame, but it highlights the front end and wheel. Hopefully everyone locally will stop by on the evening of February 26 or during the day on Saturday the 27 to view the artwork.
Tomorrow I will have to tell you about the expensive shipping lesson I learned the hard way today.

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