Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Making Something!

Being a new mom, crafting, making art and things like that just aren't on the list of things that can be done... however - I did make the time to make something for my babe the other day.  Of course being as conscious and aware as I am of what is really in the food and products we consume/use/eat... i cringe at the idea of what is probably lurking in baby toys... and I just wanted to make something for the babe I love so dearly!  So I made this little shape book/teether toy.  I sewed 4 'pages' with organic fabric and organic ribbon and attached them to a natural, untreated teething ring I finished with coconut oil. I designed it so they can all be grouped together or taken apart.  So far apart works good so I can keep them all throughout the house.. and it's not so big! 

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