Friday, June 3, 2011

making more cards

Well I was really happy with the first set of cards I made by screen printing a design on cardstock and then overlaying vellum on top. I made a few more this morning. I tried to do couple more masculine ones in a fishing theme. The one with the fish is a sepia tone print of a watercolor fish I did on the hand painted note card. The fishing lures are a print of a drawing I made of the lures first. I had a few more bumps in the process with these but maybe I was just trying to rush.. or maybe it's just because I thought it was a Saturday before the alarm went off this morning!


  1. those are awesome! Where do you sell them?

  2. Thanks! right now I just have them on Etsy. Still trying to figure out what is going to sell and how to get my shop a little more successful :) maybe with time..