Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Princess Purse

My niece is all about princesses right now. She can spot anything remotely princess and everything is related to a princess. So with her 3rd birthday coming up (and her princess party) I decided to make her a "princess purse." (Hopefully the addition of the hot pink tulle will make it apparent that it's "princess.")
I used a portion of an old dress for the black and white fabric and I had to use my husband's old sewing machine he found to use for a variety of his projects because mine is being repaired... let's just say I will undertake no more sewing projects until I have mine back! It's definitely a little rough around the edges but hopefully will garner the approval of a 3 year old princess! Hopefully this, with the addition of some princess hairbows from
Katerbug, will make a fitting gift.

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