Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to some Cars

I have been wanting to do more cars again lately and finally had the chance with my latest drawing endeavors. It is of course a Bel Air, one of the most popular and readily available classic cars. I even found another rusted one this past weekend that was a Bel Air. It had fabulous rust colors though and I think I'll probably get a good painting out of the photos I was able to get. It fascinates me at all the old "classic" cars sitting around rusting and rotting away. #1 I don't think "todays" cars will hold up to sit around rusting away and if they are, will they look as cool? #2 Will our kids and grandkids be restoring 1990's and early 2000's cars and will they be going to car shows with restored cars from today??? .... I think not... (now maybe with the new Chargers or Magnums...) But the one in this drawing/painting was a restored car. I am still searching for the perfect back view of a car for a painting I have that has been hanging on the wall unfinished for a couple of years. It is a landscape with a black asphalt road running straight down the center so it needs a car... I just don't know what car yet...

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