Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Painting

I've finally managed to complete a new painting.... At least it's mostly complete. I may go back into it a little in the next couple of days. I'm continuing my main body of work with the figurative theme which I really do enjoy - Although I'm feeling the urge to paint some more cars : ) This one has the figure in color as my last two have had the figure in gray values with limited color palattes in the background. I'm trying to loosen up my brush strokes on the figure and not have everything so tight. It's hard to loosen up on the detail though. I want to continue to focus in on emotion with each of the pieces in this body of work. Now for the the hard part... the name.


  1. unavailing passion is what i felt....but good art, like this, makes people feel different things so i bet you will have a lot of trouble giving it a name

  2. I love it. It makes me imagine different things, depending on my own mood. Sometimes she looks so frustrated she could scream. Sometimes relaxed, stretching right after getting out of bed. Sometimes, just free, and enjoying the breeze from an open window. I don't know which emotion you intended, but that's what it makes me feel. You did an awesome job.